THe sapphire foundation




The Sapphire Foundation was established to promote the oneness of the population, including all living creatures, with the planet they live on.

Our goal

To Protect and Conserve our Natural Resources including Land and Energy by physically participating in the ownership and use of those resources, as well as the proliferation of Knowledge and Understanding of their impact on the world and its inhabitants.

Our scope

The scope includes the selection and acquisition of lands in order to preserve the properties natural character and purpose. Thereafter, the Foundation will own the lands and protect them in a manner consistent with the goals of the foundation. This land management is the main thrust of the Foundation. However, SF is also interested in the research and development of alternative fuel sources as well as the promoting of its goals through the arts and education.


Sapphire Foundation is currently establishing working relationships with the communities, schools, and civic organizations in the areas of the preserve, to set forth guidelines for visits and studies of the property. SF is also developing an operational plan for the alternative fuels program that will include design and analysis of sources of non fossil fuel energy.